Andrew Werner has been teaching brass instruments for over 22 years.  Andrew has also been playing professionally for over 21 years. 
From a Brass Band background, Andrew has been playing brass instruments since he was eight years old.
I have been playing brass instruments since 1984.‚Äč
I chose to specialise on the trombone because it was different from all the rest of the brass family (having no valves).
I started playing gigs with Combo La Revelacion at the age of 16, and have since played with almost every latin band in Melbourne over the years.
These days I'm more in to Funk music, thanks to Relax With Max who introduced me to James Brown's music.
Fred Wesley would have to be one my greatest influences, I've transcribed most of his classic solos...
You can catch me around town playing with bands including Relax With Max, NFO, Quarter Street Orchestra and various other bands.